For better accessibility of the trail the information on each stop has been prepared as MP3 files.
The texts by Roland Rosenbauer (of Radio F, HOW AND WHY by Tessloff Publishing Company) were translated into English by Torsten H. Sommer MA, Thony Christie, Björn Karlson and Julie Weigand. The texts were read by Julie Weigand. You are welcome to download these audio files for free for listening on your MP3 player or mobile phone while walking the trail.

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Stop 1: Nuremberg’s first planetarium
Stop 2: The Lauf Clock tower
Stop 3: Number 11 Inner Lauf Gate
Stop 4: Martin Behaim Monument
Stop 5: Egidien Grammar School
Stop 6: The Residence of Georg Moritz Lowitz
Stop 7: The Eimmart Observatory
Stop 8: Albrecht Dürer’s House
Stop 9: Wenzel Jamnitzer’s House
Stop 10: The Art Bunker
Stop 11: Johann Petreius’ Workshop
Stop 12: Johann Neudoerffer the Elder’s Residence and School
Stop 13: The Fembo House
Stop 14: Georg Wolfgang Eichhorn’s Observatory
Stop 15: The Church of Saint Sebaldus
Stop 16: The Main Market
Stop 17: The Beautiful Fountain
Stop 18: The Church of Our Lady
Stop 19: The Eimmart Family’s Residence
Stop 20: Residence of Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr
Stop 21: Number 2 Josephsplatz
Stop 22: The Church of Saint Lawrence
Stop 23: The Germanic National Museum
Stop 24: The White Tower
Stop 25: The Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium
Stop 26: The Regiomontanus Observatory


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